In many ways you could say our customer is the people who buy your PEPI® Protected products.  If our products don’t work reliably, they likely won’t buy your products again.  That’s bad for you … and us. 

When we first started manufacturing thermal controls in 1963, we kept that thought in mind.  The result has been the most reliable and complete line of thermal controls available anywhere in the world.  Rigorously quality tested before they leave our plants.  Customized to work better in your particular application.  Engineered with oversize contacts to more reliably make or break circuits.

We supply thermal controls that help keep you competitive. The proof can be seen in the fact fully one-third of our business is with companies who have used PEPI® thermal controls for over 40 years. 

Your reputation depends on the quality and reliability of your products.  Protect your reputation with PEPI® thermal controls.  It’s what we mean when we say you are “PEPI® Protected.”